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SETA Accredited Personal Financial Courses with Comprehensive notes including financial

Practical Financial courses and skills training with relevant and experience – based financial

Course are available in a range of skills levels from basic to advanced and cover topics such as wealth creation, debt management,  tax, cash flow management  and retirement

E-Learning via our web campus which is presented and delivered to the Best Practice standards in
online training and

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What The Experts Say – an essential reference tool to the latest Thinking and Best Practices  by Experts on Personal Financial
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Essential practical financial tools that will optimize your financial performance.... More..

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Innovative tax efficient ways to create wealth and generate income from
our vision

Our Vision is to empower South Africans of all race and culture to take control of their personal and family financial well being.

Our end goal is Educate our Trainees to:
  • Reduce personal debt
  • Save and create a financially sustainable future for their families and their future generations

This can only be achieved by the acquisition of financial life skills and application knowledge.

This will be done through education and training via group lectures, encompassing face to face training as well as an internet web based portal.
We will also provide a service that will empower users with up to date practical financial evaluation and investment tools [calculators] to allow them to implement these financial skills.

We will create strategic alliances with other value add partners that share our vision, goals and ethics We are focused on delivering a win-win proposition for all stake holders.