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Source - FNB Articles by Cees Bruggemans

Profile: Cees Bruggemans is Chief Economist of First National Bank.

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The Top Unit Trust Fund Performances in South Africa

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Data Source: Equinox Information - provided by EFS Investment Solutions

Disclaimer: It is important for anyone intending to use any Equinox Top Fund Performances information provided herein to understand that these are provided in good faith as a free service to our readers. As such we cannot be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of these or adverse market movements.

The Unit Trust Management Companies in South Africa

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Source: Equinox Data Sheet - compiled by EFS Investment Solutions

Equinox provides the most comprehensive selection of unit trusts from SA's top Unit Trust Management Companies

Clicking on "View Funds" allows the reader to look at Funds managed by each Management Company and these are listed by 12 month sell-sell performance, including Absolute (not Annualised) returns.

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