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The secret behind why the rich get richer... and how YOU can too? Part 1

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Article by Gary Wilde: CEO Wilde Insights™ in Credit Health

This month’s newsletter is the first in a 3-part article written by Gary Wilde - behavioural specialist and turnaround expert. Enjoy.


About the Author: Gary is renowned for his ability to get to the root of problems and produce exceptional results through his unorthodox approach to business and personal challenges. He is a Corporate Turnaround Specialist and Behavioural Adaptation Strategist. Gary is also a certified NLP Coach, a practitioner in Timeline™ Paradigm Techniques and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy as well as a Demartini Method Facilitator. More of his articles can be found here.

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is a proverb that is frequently at the centre of debates regarding economic inequality. It remains as relevant today as it did hundreds of years ago, because as far as verifiable social trends go, the statement is fairly accurate! However, since the proverb predates the emergence of the ‘middle class’, I believe a slight revision is in order. Therefore, I’ve taken the liberty to tag on a small 21st century adjustment to make it more relevant to today’s socio-economic trends... “The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class get deeper into debt.”

Whether you go with the original proverb or my revised version, for those people that are not already in the ‘rich’ category, the message is a rather bleak one that carries a foreboding prophecy of inevitability about their future financial status. The bad news is that for the vast majority of poor and middle class individuals, this shall be their fate... because people have a tendency to perpetuate their patterns, not break them! Will this be your fate, or is there an alternative? Fortunately, there is.

I’ve been observing and researching the mysterious and fascinating field of human behaviour relentlessly since the age of 15. My quest started with three questions:
1. Why do people do the things they do?
2. Can people change their negative patterns of behaviour?
3. If people can change, how exactly do they do that?
It didn’t take long to get an answer to the second question, which of course is, ‘Yes, people can change their negative patterns of behaviour.’ It was the first and third questions that turned into what is and shall always be my lifelong passion. This in turn gave rise to my life’s mission, which is to share all the wonderful insights and secrets discovered on the way, with as many people as will listen. While I shall never profess to have all the answers, after two and a half decades of observation, personal experience and learning from some of the greatest minds in the field, I have accumulated quite a few secrets to share that I think you’ll like... because they can change the course of your life if you apply them!

So what has understanding human behaviour got to do with getting rich? After all, isn’t life just a big lottery? Aren’t some people simply born into money and others just lucky, while the rest are mere casualties of misfortune and bad luck? Well this is where the good news comes in; luck has little, if anything, to do with it... what you think about and what you do every day has EVERYTHING to do with it!

Over 2,000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle said, ‘We are what we consistently do... success [or failure] is not an act, it is a habit.’ The wisdom in these words has been echoed by many other great minds since then... Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, John Demartini, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robins etc.

The bottom line is that we choose our habits... they don’t choose us! Inherent within the wisdom of Aristotle’s words, is one of the greatest secrets of success, which is to consciously harness the power of choice. Just as each of us chooses what we think about, we choose what we do or don’t do. What we do determines what results we achieve in any moment. What we do consistently, determines our fate or destiny. When we become fully aware of the power of our choices in shaping our destiny, we begin to think more carefully before we make a choice.

Wherever you are in life at this very moment... however much wealth or debt you have accumulated is a direct result of the thoughts and actions you’ve chosen throughout your life! For anyone that believes it was circumstance or luck or some force outside of them that placed them in the position they’re in, this powerful insight becomes a large and difficult pill to swallow, particularly for those whose circumstances are far from ideal... which is why so few swallow it and why history repeats itself and why the proverb above is a proverb!

I have witnessed the most incredible turnarounds in individuals’ lives and in business leaders’ businesses when this insight finally sank in and they ‘got it’. When we realise that the thoughts and actions we choose are the reason for our patterns of failure or disappointment, we realise our power to create a different future, because we realise that we have the power to make different choices!

In the next installment of this article, I will reveal some profound yet startlingly simple secrets to creating wealth... secrets that the wealthy apply in their day to day life but which most of them aren’t even aware of!

I will close off with words of wisdom from Einstein that are often quoted, but seldom acted upon...
“You cannot solve current problems with current thinking... Current problems are the result of current thinking!” Albert Einstein

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