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Just Fired? What To Do Next?

  06/22/10 08:46, by Len, Categories: Personal Financial Management, Budgeting, Risk Management, Stress

Source: Article written by Sarah Stebbins of Womens Health

Being told to pack up your desk is one of life’s harshest blows. These take-control strategies from some of the country’s top career experts will ensure that the road ahead is a smooth one.

Dealing with it on D-Day
* Don’t Burn Bridges
* Shut Down The Water Works
* Ask If There’s Some Other Option
* Find Out What They’ll Give You To Go Away
* Take Your Time

The Days After
* File For Unemployment
* Seek Coverage
* Protect Your Retirement Funds
* Take Care Of Yourself
* Craft Your Story
* Hit The Classifieds
* Spread The Word

Set Goals
Your number-one goal is to get a job, but setting smaller targets will help keep you on track. Business consultant Keith Ferrazzi, author of Who’s Got Your Back?, suggests setting weekly objectives, such as “I will meet with four contacts this week” or “I will sign up for a class.” This reinforces your sense of accomplishment, even if you haven’t found a job. “And most of all, keep reminding yourself what a tremendous opportunity this is to redefine what’s next for you,” he says.

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