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Innovative tax efficient ways to create wealth and generate income from
Innovative Retirement planning

Who would benefit from this course?

Innovative Retirement Planning is aimed at people that are ten years or less from retirement. A basic level of financial literacy is required by the trainee.


The objective of this course is to teach traditional and innovative ways of planning for your retirement and generating a tax efficient, inflation linked income for retirement. The objective is to take the guess work out of your retirement planning and give you proven techniques to assist you with your planning process.

What to Expect

Making the transition from your work to retirement can be very stressful. We will show you how to optimise your investment prior to retirement and to strike the correct balance between risk and return. We will cover traditional investment options for retirement and introduce you to innovative ideas and ways of generating a tax efficient income at retirement. This course also deals with estate planning and the tax implications of retirement.

Course content:
  • Basic Principles of Economics & Finance
  • Financial Obligations, Budgeting & Cash Flow
  • Wealth & Wealth Creation
  • Credit & Debt Management
  • Goal setting
  • Income and
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Types & Forms of Investment
  • Principles & Basics of Investment planning
  • Asset Allocation & Risk profiling
  • Financial Advice & How to choose a Professional Financial Advisor
  • Psychology &  Behavioral Patterns of Investing
  • Practical Financial Investment Options
  • Retirement Savings and Preservation
  • Discretionary Savings and Investment for Capital Gain
  • Investing Offshore
  • Estate Planning & Strategies for reducing Estate Duty
  • Taxation of retirement lump sums
  • Investments – How to generate income, whilst accepting appropriate risk
  • Retirement planning (How much do I need to retire?)
  • Medical expences – and other unforseen expences
  • How to spot a scam
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Practical examples of retirement planning scenarios
  • Financial calculations
In addition, via “My Finance” on our website,  we give you the tools, calculators and templates to allow you to take the knowledge you have learnt and implement it in practice.

Disclaimer Although the course content is comprehensive, you are adviced to seek specialist Professional advice and assistance, in order to make an informed final decision on your personal financial investment choices, prior to implementation. This course is not designed to turn you into a Professional Financial Planner, or to advice or recommend on specific investment choices.